Event Calendar Database

  • 5-year forward looking verified event list by event type and industry category.
  • Historical event calendar of 6,000+ events since 2015.
  • Events include trade shows, consumer shows, professional conferences and corporate events.
  • Event dates, location, venue, attendees and exhibitors counts and registration price.

Event Size Database

  • Verified attendee and exhibitor counts tracking for 5,000+ events since 2017.
  • Event size authentication process using primary sources and proprietary engine.
  • Access to the count verification process and proofs.
  • Database elements - attendee and exhibitor counts, exhibit hall size, registration price and hotel room requirements.

Event Contact Database

  • Verified management contact list by event and industry category.
  • 5,000+ trade shows, professional conferences.
  • Quarterly contact verification cycle.
  • Manual verification process through primary sources only.

Exhibitor List Database

  • Search exhibitors by events in 21 industries and 133 sub-categories.
  • 950k exhibitors organized by 2,000+ events since 2017.
  • List of verified exhibitors with 60-day advance trade show calendar.
  • Reverse search by events. Industry and exhibit booth size.

Exhibitor Contact Database

  • Verified company name, website and contacts associated with event and industry category.
  • Exhibiting history by event, by year and by industry category and sub-category.
  • Exhibitor industry map.

Supplier Directory

  • Event industry suppliers organized in 20 service categories.
  • 6,000+ verified suppliers.

Top List

  • Top 300 events by size and by industry.
  • Top 300 venues by size and by type.
  • Top 300 exhibit halls operated by hotels
  • Top 500 exhibitors by industry