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Chad's 4 step Fit Fitness In Your Life Formula, will help you learn what you can GAIN by making fitness a priority.  Chad understands that the true purpose of a personal trainer is to help people not just reach their short term goals, but to help them make fitness a priority for life!  These days the desire for instant gratification is getting harder and harder to overcome.  Everyday there are more and more weight loss predators surfacing who are preying on us with promises of fast results with little or no work on our part.  If you are ready to stop riding the roller coaster of inconsistency, then Chad can help you figure out how to fit fitness in your life...for life.  

My Background

Chad is a personal trainer with over 15 years experience. On the road to becoming a personal trainer, Chad spent time as an athlete, a coach, and a teacher.  All of these positions taught him skills that he uses everyday as a fitness leader. 

Chad is the author of 3 books (2 best sellers and a 6-week workbook). He has been an expert guest on over 20 podcasts, and is the former host of Be Fit...For Life (An internet talk radio show). Chad has been featured in Kansas City Fitness Magazine, Men's Fitness, Fox, NBC, & CBS.  Chad's celebrity clients include country music singer Dustin Lynch, and former Olympic Gold Medalist Christie Ambrosie (softball)

Outside of fitness Chad is an avid obstacle course racer, who is always looking for his next challenge.  He has completed 2 marathons and finished World's Toughest Mudder 3x (24 hour long obstacle race).  Chad was first attracted to obstacle course races because of the similarities overcoming obstacles has with overcoming our excuses.  We all face obstacles everyday. When we are faced with an obstacle we have two choices.  Either we can overcome the obstacle or the obstacle can overcome us.  An excuse is just an obstacle that we havn't overcome yet. 


Angela Santana ~ VP Of Marketing National Wellness Expo

“We loved having Chad as a Speaker for our National Wellness Expo. He did a great job, and was fun to work with!”

Phil Sottile ~ Founder of Intelligent Fitness, Recognized as “Best Gym” of Long Island from 2010-2019

I had the pleasure of hearing Chad speak at the National Wellness Expo, in CT. I am a very good judge of character (because I am Dr. Phil), and know that Chad is very authentic and genuine. Like every good trainer, he is willing and able to evolve and learn new things, so he can help as many people as possible, improve their quality of life.

Kathy Peterson ~ Administrative Services

“Chad was a presenter to our Rotary Club a few weeks ago.  He was so easy to work with and covered so many great points in the short time we had allotted for his presentation.  We have a fairly diverse group in age and interest and Chad handled this with ease and inclusion.  He has a true enthusiasm for fitness which is contagious.”  

Earl Martin ~ Administrative Services

"Chad spoke to our local Rotary Club about making fitness a priority.  He was speaking to the right crowd - we needed his positive message.  His presentation was engaging, informative, and practical. I think I can say that all of us walked away with new motivation.  Thanks Chad!"

Mark Holcomb ~ Choice Physicians Group

Chad Austin is the real deal and his message will empower you. Read it, listen to it, and change your life!

Benjamin McKenzie ~ Athletic Trainer at Labette County Community College & Formal College Wrestling Coach

Chad's positivity will inspire even the best of us excuse makers to actually 'Make Fitness a Priority'. Definitely the kick in the pants I needed. He delivered a great message for helping create the life I want! Thanks, Chad!

Rusty Emling ~ High School PE Teacher & Head Wrestling Coach

Chad's message is what I needed to hear! As a Father of 4 with very active kids in High school and middle school defiantly gave me a jump start I needed! Chad straight forward no nonsense approach hit home! Everyone should hear Chads message from beginner to old-time veteran!!

Melissa Vogel ~ Host of Bomb Mom Podcast

I was so excited to have Chad on Bomb Mom Podcast, because we have the same philosophies when it comes to working out. We honestly could’ve talked for hours! The way he trains his clients is just like how I train mine. We both know you guys are busy with work, family and all kinds of other things but we try to instill into our clients how to still make working out a priority in your lives. I promise you will learn so much from Chad. 

Michael Bulloch ~ Host of Man Of Mastery Podcast

It was a priviledge to have Chad on my show! Chad Austin is passionate about helping people who can’t find time for fitness learn how to stop making excuses, so they can make it a priority in their lives. He expertly helps steer people away from the desire of instant gratification and helps them make changes that lead to long term fitness, not just temporary success. 



Overland Park, Kansas


$3,000 - 5,000


Chad Austin is a personal trainer, with over 15 years experience, as well as a consistency coach, best selling author, and the owner of Priority Fitness in Overland Park, KS. Priority Fitness was named after Chad’s best selling book, “Make Fitness A Priority: How to win the fight against your excuses”. The make fitness a priority book series includes 3 books (2 best sellers and a 6 week workbook). Chad is a guest expert for both local and national media.

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