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What does real employee and member engagement mean?

Learn how to recognize the 5 levels of engagements + tax (there are actually 6 levels if you care enough)!

According to a 2017 survey, only 55% of organizations’ members are engaged, with 20% being ambassador members. In the workplace, that number nosedives to 15% of the workforce being engaged.

Organizations do satisfaction surveys and have tweaked reward programs, incentive programs, and bonus programs. They’ve spent a fortune on recruitment drives and have fought heavily to retain their employees, their customers, and their members. Even though the programs work for a little while, they’re back fighting the same old battles time after time.

In this program, Marc will take participants through the five levels of engagement (+tax). Through active participation, learners will uncover the root causes and drivers to the various levels of engagement, defining relative needs at each level. Once armed with this valuable insight, they will then know how to be of service. They’ll be well on their way to tipping the level of engagement in their favor and to the benefit of their organization.

In this session, participants will:

  • *-* Recognize the various levels of engagement, and the early signs of engagement evolution, or de-evolution
  • *-* Be able to define the relevant needs at each level of engagement
  • *-* Apply the learning to their existing team to help drive their people, processes, and profits

The audience will learn how to build engagement that is on purpose. Walking away with strategies they can use the very next day, your participants will be able to support their best performers while tickling more love and care from those who have waned, so they, too, can dare to be the exception.

My Background


Kim McQuaite, Kim Communications

I recently attended a brainstorming session that Marc conducted for the CAFP. Not only did Marc structure it in such a way that within an hour we had a list of valuable takeaways that I had thought would take at least three hours to uncover, but his level of engagement and energy, and use of humor meant that we ended up with excellent outcomes AND had a lot of fun along the way.

Tracey Durant, South-Side Sobey’s

I just came out of Marc’s session on how to become an empathetic leader. I chose his session because as a manager, I get so caught up with my day-to-day responsibilities, that I have not been present with my team. Marc’s session today gave me strategies and systems to help me be more present, and more sensitive to the needs of my people.




$5,000 - 7,000


With his roots firmly set in 35 years of hospitality, Marc is a service specialist. He understands that the minute a guest (customer, client, audience, prospect, even employee) comes into contact with your brand, IT’S SHOWTIME! From their initial contact your values, your goals, your mission will be reflected in everything you do, and more importantly in everything they see, experience, and feel.

Marc is a service expert and master of experiences, driving operational excellence by daring people to cultivate a generous attitude and lead with love and kindness first.

As a teacher, trainer, speaker, and facilitator, Marc’s core values of humor, humility, staying uncomfortable, and being of service grounds him to connect with audiences and service providers alike. In his career, he’s been there, he’s done that, and like your staff, he’s bought the t-shirt!

Whether coaxing empathy from new leaders within your organization, or helping long-term service providers seek out their purpose, Marc’s authentic, light-heartedness, and sense of humor shows people how they can care and lead while growing as individuals and professionals.

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