What I Like to talk About

I speak on a wide range of topics to motivate my audience and help them work smarter, get more done, and enjoy it more. Having worked extensively as a career coach, I cover interviewing, networking, and job search strategy. My most popular talks focus on communication skills ("Stand Out Every Time You Talk") and how to prevent burnout ("Stop Burnout:  Five Steps to Re-Energize Your Work for Your Best Year Ever.") All my presentations are upbeat, interactive, and based on careful research to identify where they may be stuck and need the most help. 

My Background

I graduated from Lake Forest College in Illinois with a BA in English, with honors, and as a career coach, won the highest certification. I've had three books published, and have enjoyed a professional career as a writer, trainer and coach. 

I grew up in Katonah, New York, in the middle of nowhere and wanted a horse. I got a donkey! 

Now I live near the shore in Connecticut. I'm currently training my new dog, Rudy, to be a therapy dog, and enjoy volunteering with him, visiting hospitals and special needs children in the schools. 


Stonington, Connecticut


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I've worked as a corporate trainer, writer (author of 3 books) and career coach. From this experience I've learned how to motivate people, whether that's in making presentations, stopping burnout, or finding ways to tap into joy. I like nothing better than helping people live fully.

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