Name Category Topics City State Fees $ Action
Chris Scappatura
Professional Speaker Ontario $3,000
Joel Hilchey
Keynote Speaker Suddenly Unstuck: The Art of Making Change Fun Hamilton Ontario $3,000
Katie Mares
Keynote Speaker Perception is their Reality; How to Create a Personalized Five-Star Experience Toronto Ontario $3,000
Linda Nazareth
Keynote Speaker Economic Outlook Toronto Ontario $3,000
Marc Gordon
Keynote Speaker Customer Experience Toronto Ontario $3,000
Janice Goldmintz
Keynote Speaker Successful Aging Toronto Ontario $3,000
Ruth van Vierzen
Seminar Leader Business Development Peterborough Ontario $3,000
Peter de Jager
Keynote Speaker Change Management Brampton Ontario $3,000
Charlene Renaud
Keynote Speaker The Pinata Theory - Mind Management Lakeshore Ontario $3,000
Linda Ockwell-Jenner
Keynote Speaker Creating a Culture for Millennials focuses on the fundamental shift that businesses need in evolving their communications culture to remain effective in a changing workplace. As baby boomers cycle out of the workplace, i Waterloo Ontario $3,000
Bruce Winder
Industry Speaker Retail Industry Trends & Best Practices Toronto Ontario $3,000
Codi Shewan
Keynote Speaker Managing Change Toronto Ontario $3,000
Jane Blaufus
Keynote Speaker Personal and Financial Planning Toronto Ontario $3,000