Name Category Topics City State Fees $ Action
John Smoltz
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Brian Jordan
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Juanita McDowell
Professional Speaker Motivation - Get Sticky Goal Setting Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Aleasa Word
Keynote Speaker I Am The Storm Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Andre Norman
Keynote Speaker Social Justice Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Theresa Worthy
Keynote Speaker Your Story is the key to Resilience Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Marc Griffiths
Keynote Speaker Reach for the Stars! Loganville Georgia $3,000
Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson
Keynote Speaker The Power Within: Empowered to Be Your Authentic Self Stockbridge Georgia $3,000
Jeff Beale
Keynote Speaker Marketing Automation Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Scott Zucker
Keynote Speaker Real Estate Law Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Corey Perlman
Keynote Speaker Social Media/Digital Marketing Roswell Georgia $3,000
Ryan Jenkins
Keynote Speaker Leading and Engaging Millennials at Work Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Steve Beecham
Keynote Speaker Alpharetta Georgia $3,000
Jerry Walker
Keynote Speaker The Homerun: Who You Are, and Why You Are Alpharetta Georgia $3,000
Sean Glaze
Keynote Speaker Create a Culture of Rapid Teamwork HOW LEADERS CAN BUILD A HIGH-PERFORMING TEAM Georgia $3,000