Name Category Topics City State Fees $ Action
Keith Herman
Keynote Speaker Business Growth Tech & Innovation Los Angeles California $3,000
Timothy Krass
Professional Speaker California $3,000
Janice Burt
Professional Speaker Becoming the Highest Version of Ourselves California $3,000
Dr. Miriam Reiss
Professional Speaker Los Angeles California $3,000
Aaron Norris
Industry Speaker Data Driven Real Estate California $3,000
Dave Winfield
Athletes Coaches Execs Your Winning Game Plan Los Angeles California $3,000
Steve Sax
Athletes Coaches Execs Changing your Mindset Sacramento California $3,000
Bret Saberhagen
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Los Angeles California $3,000
Tony La Russa
Athletes Coaches Execs Leading and Managing Change Oakland California $3,000
Jim Kaat
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal and Humorous Baseball Stories West Park California $3,000
David Justice
Athletes Coaches Execs Developing a Winning Attitude Los Angeles California $3,000
Tommy John
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Los Angeles California $3,000
Shawn Green
Athletes Coaches Execs Business Success Los Angeles California $3,000
Steve Garvey
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Los Angeles California $3,000
Dave Dravecky
Athletes Coaches Execs Encouragement through adversity San Francisco California $3,000
Rod Carew
Professional Speaker Discipline and Determination Los Angeles California $3,000
Bob Boone
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories San Diego California $3,000
Jim Abbott
Athletes Coaches Execs Motivation Anaheim California $3,000
Trish Jenkins
Keynote Speaker Your Resilience X-Factor Los Angeles California $3,000
Leisa Reid
Professional Speaker Creating a Winning Mindset Orange California $3,000
doc. PEACE
Keynote Speaker doc.PEACE of Mind Method San Diego California $3,000
Robert Vieira
Keynote Speaker Building Teams That Last Fremont California $3,000
John H. Brennan
Workshop Facilitator Emotional intelligence in Customer experience Los Angeles California $3,000
Candice Gottlieb-Clark
Keynote Speaker Team Building and Group Facilitation Acalanes Ridge California $3,000
Harry Paul
Keynote Speaker Customer Experience San Diego California $3,000
Naomi Bareket
Keynote Speaker Bring Enthusiasm to Business San Francisco California $3,000
Michael Levin
Keynote Speaker Embrace Meaningful Change. Dublin California $3,000
Adam Smiley Poswolsky
Keynote Speaker Engaging Millennials San Francisco California $3,000
toni newman
Keynote Speaker Climbing to the Top San Francisco California $3,000
Johnny Positive
Keynote Speaker Resiliency Temecula California $3,000
Gary Hernbroth
Professional Speaker Leadership/Management Danville California $3,000
Joseph Guimera
Industry Speaker Your Strategy Needs a New Strategy Manhattan Beach California $3,000
Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, Ph.D.
Keynote Speaker Quality San Francisco California $3,000
Dr. Tana M. Session
Keynote Speaker Diversity & Inclusion Pasadena California $3,000
Carma Spence
Keynote Speaker Public Speaking Long Beach California $3,000
sara safari
Keynote Speaker Climb Your Everest San Diego California $3,000
Karyn Buxman
Keynote Speaker Lead with Levity San Diego California $3,000
Kathy L Gruver PhD
Professional Speaker Stress Santa Barbara California $3,000
Rona Lewis
Keynote Speaker Stress and Creativity Los Angeles California $3,000
Cory Nott
Workshop Facilitator Networking Oakland California $3,000
Rosemary Coates
Keynote Speaker It's Time to Bring Manufacturing Back to America Silicon Valley California $3,000
Keynote Speaker Future trends - LOS GATOS California $3,000
Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP
Eileen McDargh
Keynote Speaker Cultivating Radical Resiliency: Leadership Skills for Complex Times Dana Point California $3,000
Barbara Khozam
Keynote Speaker Customer Service and Patient Experience San Diego California $3,000
Thomas Kostigen
Keynote Speaker Climate Modification & Technology/Geoengineering Los Angeles California $3,000
Dr. Lynette Louise
Keynote Speaker Leadership Simi Valley California $3,000
Robert MacPhee
Keynote Speaker Excellent Decisions - The Key to Sustainable Results Sonoma California $3,000
Jeff Wolf
Keynote Speaker Leadership San Diego California $3,000
Lisa Dadd
Keynote Speaker Finding Fabulous: A New Paradigm for Success California $3,000