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Exhibitor Newsletter - Advertise

Exhibitors and sponsors rely on our monthly trade show calendar list update and discover new events.

Event organizers, services providers and display makers can reach verified exhibitors.


Content - Trade Show Calendar
Reach - 350,000
Frequency - Monthly
Ad formats - Text Link, Badges, Banners

Target Audience - Verified Exhibitors
Advertisers - Suppliers and Service providers. Event Organizers

Event Manager Newsletter - Advertise

Event planners, organizers and venue operators rely on forward looking monthly trade show calendar update.

Suppliers, services providers, professional speakers, and CVBs can reach event planners and event organizers.


Content - Trade show calendar
Reach - 12,000
Frequency - Bi-weekly
Ad formats - Text Link, Badges, Banners

Target Audience - verified event organizers and planners
Advertisers - Suppliers, professional speakers, and CVBs

Lead Generators

Attendees, exhibitors and sponsors use our event profiles to learn about events in relevant industries and location.


Ad Location - event profile page
Ad Formats - lead form, text link, button
Target Audience - attendees, exhibitors and sponsors

Advertisers - event organizers and services providers
Benefits - Exposure to targeted audience. Generate leads.

Supplier Directory - Featured Listings

Exhibitors and event planners rely on our curated and verified list of 4,000 suppliers in 25 services segments.


Featured Listings - Premium placement on top of the listing page
Target Audience - Exhibitors, Sponsors and Event Organizers

Advertisers - Display Makers, AV, Rental, Freight, Marketing, promotional products.
Benefits - Detailed profile. Generate leads. Promote services.

Exhibit Display Marketplace

Buyers and sellers of new or used exhibit displays connect through our listing platform. Promote and sell your booths, displays or accessories.


Featured Listing - Premium placement on listing page
Target Audience - Exhibitors, Dealer

Advertisers - Display Makers, Exhibitors, Dealers
Benefits - Exhibit Display Profile. Sell your used or new booth

Home Page Sponsorship

Sponsor home page and promote your events, venues or services.


Frequency - Annual Contract
Ad formats - Text Link, Banners, Overlays
Target Audience - Attendees, exhibitors, planners and venue operators

Advertisers - Event organizers, venue operators and services providers